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Crystal, Jaina Solos Z-95 Headhunter

Crystal, Jaina Solos Z-95 Headhunter
BlasTech Industries RSKF-44 heavy blaster

BlasTech Industries RSKF-44 heavy blaster


Force Points

        Force Points as they stand in the 2nd Edition Rulebook are extremely potent, with Strength to resist damage being doubled, and force powers and strength which are used for damage also being doubled. To show the ridiculous level this can be taken to, Emperor Palpatine using Lightsaber combat and spending a force point does 31D damage character scale (13D force skills doubled by a force point = 26D +5D damage done by a lightsaber). The Death Star does 36D damage character scale (12D damage Death Star scale, which is 24D above character scale), whereas the turbo lasers on a Star Destroyer do only a puny 17D damage (5D damage capital scale which is 12D above character scale). Even strong characters can cause the system to seem unbalanced, eg. Chewbacca wielding a force pike spending a force point does 13D damage character scale (Str 5D doubled to 10D +3D for a force pike (heck if he was enraged as well it`d be 17D damage)), whereas the Anti-Starfighter batteries on a Nebulon-B frigate do only 8D character scale (2D damage +6D for being starfighter scale).

        This is fairly silly, so to help compensate force points do not boost strength to resist damage, or to increase strength or force powers which increase damage itself.

        This has helped us balance our game, lowering the chances that force point using melee combatants or force users will carve the players into small bite-size chunks.

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