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        After much play the Wild Die House Rule described elsewhere on this site proved to remove a lot of the variety of damage, meaning that it became hard to damage anyone without using extremely overpowered weapons.

        To return some of the variety, without re-introducing the danger of a failure because of a one on the Wild Die killing a character outright by pure bad luck, the Wild Die operates as described in the rules for damage. Rolling and adding on the result of a six, and removing the highest dice on the roll of a one, however this does not count for resisting damage. Sixes still roll and add, but a one on the Wild Die simply counts as a one would on any other dice.

        This allows characters (and NPC's) to luckily resist massive amounts of damage, and to fluke massive amounts of damage to opponents, but still stand a better chance of not dying outright from a poor dice roll.

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