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Equipment D20


Akira Armor Co Soltan Battle Suit
Akira Powered Protective Vest
Akira Shedim Powersuit
Akira Softshell Armour
Akira Wolf-3 Body Armour
Akira Wolf-5 Body Armour
Akira Wolf-6 Body Armour
Akira Wolf-7 Body Armour
ALICE Combat Armor and Carrying Equipment
Black Nova Heavy Combat Armor
C-524 Space Armor
Caedes Consortium M-6 Power Armour
Caedes Consortium M-7 Power Armour
Caedes Consortium M-8 Power Armour
Dark Well Sniper Armor
Deathtek DK-Z BattleArmor
Hardcorps Armor
Iatt Armament Enhanced Stormtrooper Armor Shield System (ESASS)
Imperial Development Dark Trooper: Phase 03 Heavy Power Armor
Imperial Engineering Blast Helmet/Blast Vest
Imperial Engineering Combat Armor
Imperial Engineering Power Armor Suit
Krail 311 Bounty Hunter Armor
Light Combat Armor
Merr-Sonn SC-Firebat Combat PowerSuit
Merr-Sonn SC-Marine Combat PowerSuit
Merr-Sonn SC-Medic Combat PowerSuit
MetaCorp Jumptrooper Assault Armor
Military SIPES
Mithryl Fast-Attack Armor
Neogen Assault Trooper Body Armor
Neogen Assault Trooper Body Armor with Uniform
Nerical Defensive Armor
Otacon Industries Military Stealth Suit
RanCorp Riot Armor
RanCorp troop armor
Selono Techniflex TASS Body Armor
SoftEdge Stealth Suit
Tactical Jacket
Titan Technologies Abyss Heavy Combat Armor
Titan Technologies Devastator Heavy Combat Armor
Titan Technologies Incinerator Heavy Combat Armor
VerdanTech Skybounder Fast Attack Armour
Veritane protective vest
Vetricon VC-5 Combat Armour
Vetricon VCB-5 Arm Bracers
Vetricon VCG-5 Leg greaves
Vetricon VCH-5 Combat Helmet
Vetricon VCV-5 Armour Vest
Weapons Master AM-10 Medium Armor
Zealot Power Suit


Annoying Gadgets Inc. EYE-SORE Laser Pointer
Corellidyne Visuals HC-2100 Remote Repulsorlift Holocam
Drug: Anti-Fatigue Stimulant Syringes
Drug: Newk
Drug: Sapho
Drug: Semuta
Drug: StimPak
Garman Industries Filtration Breather
Gungan Personal Energy Shield
HattMark Communicator/Translator
KiCorp Mark III HoverBoard
Lerrimore Contracting Company A99 Aquata Underwater Breather
Long Distance Communication Upgrade
Lumnar Industries LS-10 Light Shield
Lumnar Industries LS-15 Light Shield
Lumnar Industries LS-20 Light Shield
Lumnar Industries LS-25 Light Shield
Lumnar Industries LS-30 Light Shield
Lumnar Industries LS-5 Light Shield
Lumnar PSU-1 Shield Generator
Lumnar PSU-3 Shield Generator
Lumnar PSU-4 Shield Generator
Merr-Sonn Dead-eye Scope
Nemoidian Mechno-chair
Personal Shield Unit
RahlTech IR Flood Light
RahlTech Laser Targeting System
RanCorp 450 Scan Visor
RanCorp Bio-engineering Organic Gill
RanCorp CMO-550 Backpack Raft
RanCorp Mark-6 Holo-shroud
RanCorp Neo-X8 Individual Field Disruptor
RanCorp QR-15 Quarren Underwater Jetpack
RanCorp SK-8L Shackle Stun Cuffs
Spice: Melange
Verdant Technologies x5 Combat Shield
Verdant Technologies x8 Combat Shield

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