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RPGGamer.org Needs You

         While we here at RPGGamer.org are dedicated to new and exciting content for this site, and continuing development of the site in general. We also have lives of our own, and families, jobs and school to worry about.

         With this in mind we would like to ask YOU, our visitors for help. What we would like you to do, is help out with the site.

         So if you have any Statistics, Ideas, Artwork, Stories or Adventures for ANY roleplaying game then please get in touch. While we are currently a mainly Star Wars D/6 site, we are also interest in converting this content for Star Wars D/20 and expanding the site into coverage of the entire role-playing industry and games.

        Even if all you think you have to offer is a single character description or adventure idea, we'd love to hear from you, and any help you can offer at all would be extremely gratefully accepted. We can't offer fame, fortune or sexual gratification, but we are a fairly friendly bunch, and can confirm that there is a certain warm glow about knowing that several thousand people a month appreciate our work enough to visit the site.

         So if you would like to help, or have any idea then please feel free to get in touch, use the Forum or send us an E-Mail. All help will be gratefully accepted, and we'd be honoured to accept new members to the RPGGamer.org team.

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