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Galactech "Frenzy" Missile Crawler
Cylon Raider (Original Series)

Cylon Raider (Original Series)


My RPG Group

        I play with a group of four other players (it recently was five, but work commitments keeps the fifth from playing, possibly forever). We like a variety of different games, but prefer Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Horror and Fantasy games, and have never as a group tried Martial Arts, Historical, Super Hero or Steampunk style of games.

        We prefer a more metagame style of play, eg one of our gamesmasters will say "the man says hello in a deep voice", instead of trying to do a deep voice and saying hello, if you see the difference. Although gaming can get pretty intense at times, we much prefer to have a laugh, and enjoy ourselves instead of getting extremely serious about our roleplaying skills.

        After all this is supposed to be GAMING, and supposed to be fun, not a chore. I`ve heard of people going to acting classes to get better at doing voices and improving the acting skills for doing Non-Player characters. All I can say to this is "get a life", and enjoy your gaming. (any flames should be directed to the usual address (or you could complain in the guestbook or forum)).

        Over the years I`ve run a lot of different games, here a list of some of the ones that I`ve GamesMastered (but I`ve run even more as one-shot`s).

  • Star Wars RPG by West End Games (Currently my main game).
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay by Games Workshop and Hogshead Publishing (Currently on hiatus, but will resume when my Star Wars Campaign ends).
  • Call of Cthulhu by Chaosium (I`ve only run a one-shot of this so far, but intend to return to it in the future).
  • Shadowrun by FASA and Wizkids (We used to play Shadowrun a lot (with 3 different GM`s) but now I use it as a filler when nothing else is planned).
  • Test of Fire / SE by Me (This is my homegrown game, a sort of post apocalyptic sci-fi game, which needed some rules fixes (psykers were too powerful and combat had become dull), so has been put on hold while I fix it (and rewrite chunks of it)).

Since my group also has other GamesMasters I also play a variety of games.

  • Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition by Wizards of the Coast (We are currently playing an Al Qadim based campaign, which is soon to end and be replaced by one based in the Forgotten Realms).
  • Werewolf: the Apocalypse by White Wolf (We only play this irregularly, since its GM has grown idle :-) ).
  • Earthdawn by FASA (We haven`t played this in quite a while, since its GM has "Real World"(tm) things to do (what kind of excuse is that)).
  • Advanced Dungeons & Dragons second edition by TSR and Wizards of the Coast (Our Forgotten Realms campaign has now ended, and our Dark Sun GM left the group).
  • Shadowrun by FASA (The other GM`s started to run Earthdawn and Werewolf instead).
  • Vampire by White Wolf (Was run by the same GM who ran our AD&D Dark Sun campaign, who left the group (found religion and got married (in that order))).
  • SLA industries by Nightfall Games and Hogshead Publishing (The GM only ran one game of it (involving the rival corporations of Tonka and Lego), and then never ran it again).

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