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GTW-99 Shield Breaker

GTW-99 Shield Breaker
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Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Thoth Class Fighter

Tristan Wren

Tristan Wren

April/2009 UPDATES

30/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

29/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Some more DLOS Starships for you today, we'll see if I can keep going all week, or if I run out of steam, anyway, today I've added Mere 12K Bulk Freighter, Nubian Alpha 10 Light Transport, Nubian Alpha 20 Light Transport, Black Arrow/Diamond Head, E-2 Asteroid Miner, Corellian YT-920, Intrepid Light Freighter, XKH Bulk Freighter, XKI Bulk Freighter, Mega Hauler, Bulk Bacta Hauler, Naboo C-Type Shuttle, RanCorp HardEdge-class Star Yacht, Verdant Spaceworks Hercules-class Industrial Materials Hauler, Verdant Spaceworks Mammoth-class Megahauler, RanCorp Preserver-class Rescue Craft, Verdant Spaceworks Ronto-class Shuttle, Verdant Motors Shanda Class Personal Transport, Verdant Spaceworks SSC Small Service Craft, Quasar Fire Bulk Freighter, Zaltin/Kuat Drive Yards Bulk Bacta Hauler Mark I, Zaltin/Kuat Drive Yards Bulk Bacta Hauler Mark II, Zaltin/Kuat Drive Yards Bulk Bacta Hauler Mark III, SoroSuub Transport Systems Nyubba-class Cargo Barge, TCE-17 Kraken Freighter, Xi Char Luxury Shuttle, Outpost Trader Light Freighter, Haor Chall Engineering CT-6550 Cargo Barge, Hyte Industries Farlander Transport, Elrood StarYards Ltd B-IV Bulk Freighter, A-II MEDIUM FREIGHTER, Kilrathi Production Dorkir Transport, Crimtan Technologies CAR-177LJ Pigeon-class Courier Vessel, Corellian Engineering Corporation YX-2000 Medium Freighter, Corellian Engineering Corporations YT-3000 Light Transport, Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-2000, Corellian XT-1100 Light Transport, Corellian Starspeed 280 Personal Yacht, Kemorian Design Companys Amkardh Space Bus., Apone Assault Shuttle, Long Reach Transport, Aero-Tech Space Division ISSCV, Republic Squad Dropship, Sienar Armed Courier, Trade Federation Container Ship, Trade Federation Landing Ship, Haor Chall Engineering C-9877 Landing Craft, Baktoid Civil Workshops Nemoidian Planetary Shuttle, Stock Flapjack to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the site.

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28/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well today got off to a rotten start as it took me 2.5 hours to get to work this morning (usually its around 45 minutes), due to broken signals, so I was standing around in the wind and rain for an hour, followed by a hot, damp and sweaty trip into glasgow (far too many people crammed into the train, all damp from the rain, leading to lots of heat and condensation). Anyway, enough with the moaning, I've started on the starships from DLOS, which are the last Stats to be rescued (although it being Star Wars, they will doubtless take a considerable time to add all of them), so today I've added Starship Cruise Missile Launcher, ALQ-131 ECM Pod, Particle Acceleration Cannon (PAC), LAU 5003A Rocket Launcher, Mestic Munitions M61A1 Vulcan, Incoherence Ray, High-Precision Blaster, Ion Torpedo Launcher, Reaver Machine Gun, HattMark S-WEB, Ion Shields, VerdanTech RX-15 Revolver Missile Launcher, VerdanTech RX-5 Revolver Missile Launcher, AGM-65B Maverick, AGM-65D Maverick, AIM-9M Sidewinder, AIM-9P Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, CBU-84 Cluster Bomb Unit, BLU-107/B Durandal, GBU-15 Guided Bomb Unit, AGM-88A HARM, Kashan Technological Development TCM I Cruise Missile, Kashan Technological Development TCM II Cruise Missile, Mk82 Free-Fall Bomb, Mk82HD Free-Fall Bomb, Mk83 Free-Fall Bomb, Mk84 Free-Fall Bomb, AGM-45A Shrike, MM/VerdanTech Decimator Space Denial Missile, RanCorp Diamond Tipped Warhead, RanCorp FL-3 Flea Warhead, Arakyd CM-650 HellFire Incindiary Missile, Nitakka Gravity Bomb, MM/VerdanTech Spontoon Heavy Missile, MM/VerdanTech Spontoon Light Missile, MM/VerdanTech Spontoon Medium Missile, MM/VerdanTech Spontoon Ultra-Heavy Missile, MM/VerdanTech Spontoon Ultra-Light Missile, Concussion Munitions and Ordnance, Cellulose-Encased Laser-Guided Bomb, Thermite Plasma Incenidary System, Fleet Service Station, Golan Point Defense Station, Kashan Technological Developments HyperJump-1, Orbital Space Defense Mine, Military Shipyard (example shown: Imperial Delfii Shipyards), Republic StarForge Mobile Station, Sienar Fleet Systems Orbital Starfighter Factory, Gwirekon Base, Neyomal Jump Gate, Nova-Dock Shipyard, RanCorp Deepdock, Shield Defense Station, Shield Defense Station, Verdant Spaceworks Deep Space Factory, Tarsonis Orbital Shipyard, Verdant Spaceworks Orbital Starfighter Factory, Advanced Space Base to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section of the site. After the Starships are complete, there are a couple of more interesting but tiny sections to be rescued, "Sourcebooks" and "Adventures", so the best is yet to come.

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23/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, I'm supposed to be doing something else, but the idea of writing an invoicing system bored the heck out of me this morning, so I thought what the hell, lets add some more DLOS goodness to the site. Today I've added Compact Body, Fashion, Grappler Piloting, Gundam Piloting, Immunity, Mentat, Plasma Weapons, Prana Bindu, Slicing, Truthsay, Vehicle Firearms, Vehicle Plasma Weapons, The Voice to the Star Wars D/6 Characters Section (under the sub-heading Skills), and Calm Another, Calmness, Control Energy, Force Shield, Slow Time, Emulate Music, Exorcism, Fohnokinesis, Force Leap, Greater Force Shield, Hallucination, Inspiration, Lesser Force Bubble, Long Term Memory Enhancement, Relive Recent Event, Short Term Memory Enhancement on Another, Telekinetic Basketweaving, Clairvoyance, Drain Energy, Drain Life, Jedi Link, Gumption to the Star Wars D/6 The Force Section , and Altarr, Canuckia, Dawude, Neav, Nellmnari II, Spathiwa, Crescen, Duracel, Hashek Station, Kaitek, Raman, Rokurgan, Temeria, Vradil Pix, Xyton IV, Desivia, Fukaseshi, Galactic Trade Center, Khalir, Reskla, Tielar, Celanor, Firrerre, Floridia, Naboo, Noe Ha, Talkarr, Aiel, Celmoore, Delfii, Dessolit, Fawl, Haeli, Itaan, Kashan, Kelceris, Kelroy, Malsoun, Nekkid, Nexus, Ord Barrl, Palan, Setec IX, Teraii, Unfen, Wereling to the Star Wars D/6 Planets Section of the site.
        Oh, and I've ended the temporary poll I threw up while we were getting loads of Stumble Uponers (or whatever you call them), and I've put up one of our classic polls, but couldn't really think of any new starships to put into it.

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22/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, lots to do, and no time to do it in, so an updated version of one of our stats is the belated offering I give today, Battlestar Galactica by Hellstormer. I'll offer up his reasoning for the update as well.

This update makes use of stuff I came up with later in relation to some of the Vipers, a well as second thoughts on a coupel of the galactica's stats. I made the Electronic Defensive Shields more like an A-Wings jammer, but capital scale. Some stats were adjusted because they didn't fit right. All in all, I made it a little closer to an imperial Star destroyer due to its size and similarity, but it is still very different. What it lacks in shear fire power, it can make up for in cunning and ability, just like the original series.

        Hellstormer has also sent through a bunch of other Galactica stats I'll put up when I've got time, as well as some Stargate stuff for Star Wars D/6, wonderful stuff as always.
        I'm going to now get around to my email, which I've been terrible at lately, so apologies to everyone that I've been so lackluster in replying, I do read everything, and I do appreciate every single mail I receive.
        Well, as said before, we're slowly heading towards the end of the DLOS recovery, and while we've a couple of other sites of stuff to recover afterwards, they're far smaller. I've received some suggestions on what I should be doing next, and I'm definitely going to be acting on some of those suggestions.

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13/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, Easter Monday and I'm sitting at work waiting for DNS to propagate for a new website I'm handling, so what can I do while I wait, add a bunch of new stats to the site. Today I've added Gungan Personal Energy Shield, Personal Shield Unit, Lumnar Industries LS-10 Light Shield, Lumnar Industries LS-15 Light Shield, Lumnar Industries LS-20 Light Shield, Lumnar Industries LS-25 Light Shield, Lumnar Industries LS-30 Light Shield, Lumnar Industries LS-5 Light Shield, Lumnar PSU-1 Shield Generator, Lumnar PSU-3 Shield Generator, Lumnar PSU-4 Shield Generator, Verdant Technologies x5 Combat Shield, Verdant Technologies x8 Combat Shield, Spice: Melange, Drug: Newk, Drug: Sapho, Drug: Semuta, Drug: Anti-Fatigue Stimulant Syringes, Drug: StimPak, HattMark Communicator/Translator, KiCorp Mark III HoverBoard, Annoying Gadgets Inc. EYE-SORE Laser Pointer, Lerrimore Contracting Company A99 Aquata Underwater Breather, Corellidyne Visuals HC-2100 Remote Repulsorlift Holocam, Nemoidian Mechno-chair, RanCorp CMO-550 Backpack Raft, Merr-Sonn Dead-eye Scope, Garman Industries Filtration Breather, RahlTech IR Flood Light, RahlTech Laser Targeting System, Long Distance Communication Upgrade, RanCorp SK-8L Shackle Stun Cuffs, RanCorp Mark-6 Holo-shroud, RanCorp Neo-X8 Individual Field Disruptor, RanCorp Bio-engineering Organic Gill, RanCorp QR-15 Quarren Underwater Jetpack, RanCorp 450 Scan Visor, Lumnar Diamond Wrist Vibro-Blade, Pook-Ieng Metalworks Daemon Sword, Collectors Edition, Nightwatch Baton-Vibroblade, Kleriian Sword of Armegeddon, Vibroclaws, Vibrocutlass, Vibrostiletto, Vibrosword, Extending Lightsaber, Force Blade, Saber-Sword, Sith Sword, Alderaanian Blade Master Sword, Blast Pike, Lumnar Industries Blast Sword, Lumnar Extendable Quarterstaff, Lumnar Magnum GunBlade, Lumnar Revolver GunBlade, Lumnar Shear Trigger GunBlade, Lumnar industires Sonic Knife, Lumnar TigerEye GunBlade, Mgando Falschion, Trianni Sword, VerdanTech Energy Katana, VerdanTech Energy Naginata, VerdanTech Energy Wakizashi, VerdanTech Shocklance, Warhammer, Galactic Cutlerys Elite Tactical Knife, SurvivaTec Survival Knife, Galactic Replicas Spiked Flail, Minbari Fighting Staff, Xzeri Labor Corporation Chainsaw, Arbitrons Statucks, Crysknife, Arbitron: Electric Pulse Weapon, Exonerator, Exonerator Manicles, Hockey Stick, Gungan Energy Pole, Mandalorian Axe, MerrSonn Elec Gloves, Ryloth X-14 Ripper Blades, SurvivaTec Snipe-Shot Compound Longbow, Advanced Crossbow, Advanced Hornbow, Compound Bow, Hand Crossbow, Heavy Crossbow, Shortbow, Deroth X3 disruptor rifle, Nerical ELV-8000 Kinetic Energy Disruptor, VerdanTech HDS-5 Disruptor, VerdanTech HDS-6 Disruptor, VerdanTech HDS-9 Disruptor, VerdanTech HDS-2 Disruptor, Disruptor Pistol, BlasTech MD-20 Disruptor, Kerl Disruptor Staff, Merr-Sonn MSD-10 Hold-Out Disruptor, BlasTech MD-22 Heavy Disruptor Pistol, Merr-Sonn MSD-40 Heavy Disruptor Rifle, Arbitrons FLARE flame rifle, Grayson Corporation Incinerator Mark 2, MetaCorp AAFT-1 Flamer, MetaCorp APFT-2 Flamer, Model T-17 Plasma Pistol, BlasTech PPC-4, BlasTech PPG-1, BlasTech PPR-2, BlasTech RPG-3, Yoyodyne z-5 Electrostatic Discharger Rifle, Lumnar Industries SH-5 Shocknet Pistol, Lumnar Industries SH-10 Shocknet Rifle, Nerical Neo-Y6 Pulse Stun Rifle, RanCorp rangler stun net launcher, Verdant Technologies Repeating Stun Blaster, Verdant Technologies Stunnet Pistol, Explosive Dart Shooter, Lumnar Industries XV-10 CEP Pistol, Lumnar Industries XU-10 CEP Rifle, Verdant Technologies Incinerator Freezer Weapon, Verdant Technologies Incinerator Heat Weapon, Verdant Technologies Repeating Ion Blaster, Verdant Technologies ICE-5 Shoulder Mounted Ion Cannon, Arbitron Ice Blazer One, Arbitron Sonic Smasher Rifle, Arbitron Electric Spear gun, Arbitron Neural Brain Drain Blaster, Yoyodyne z-10 Compression Rifle, Gungan Energy Spheres, MattCorp MAD Repeater, MattCorp Magnetically Accellerated Dart Rifle, Model: Termicorp Technologies Midochlorian Gun, Resklir Dart Sling, Tau Ceti M-13 Shock Rifle, Titan Technologies KL-27 Hover Cannon, MariTech BS-120 Noisy Cricket, Merr-Sonn PR-14 Phaser Rifle, Weapons Masters 33 Sonic Boomer Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the site, all rescued from DLOS.

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10/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well, not sure if I'll have as much free time next week to do as many updates, so thought I'd do another blast today and I've added HattMark MB-1H Holdout Firearm, VerdanTech VT-3 Holdout Firearm, Belecuu P9, Heraali CF2, Mestic Munitions Pocket Pistol, Mestic Munitions Spec-2, Colt .45 pistol, special duelers edition, Arbitron LT-Banger, Arbitron Government Model 2911, Quad-Chambered Magnum, Adelphi SB-40, Adelphi SB-50, Belecuu OEN-SP Nevermore, Corellia Incorporated MP-31 Semi-automatic pistol, Boltpistol, Desert Eagle .50, Gamblers 6 shooter .45, P-14 Government Model Auto Pistol, Deathtek Slicer Cannon, DK-1/6, Steyr 9mm TMP, HattMark MB-1P, HattMark MB-2P, HattMark MB-3P, Adelphi Armaments SB-60 Pistol, Adelphi SB-70, VerdanTech VT-4 Pistol, VerdanTech VT-5 Pistol, VerdanTech VT-6de Desert Eagle, VerdanTech VT-7 Pistol, Belecuu PK11/C2, Belecuu PK12, Beretta 9mm, Cougar Magnum, Czerka Slasher 195, Heraali DD44 Destroyer, Heraali PP7 Compact Pistol, Heraali PP9i Compact Pistol, Iotran Police Force Issue Slugthrower Pistol, Mestic Munitions Perferator Auto Pistol .45ACP, Mestic Munitions Puma 520 Enforcer, Mestic Munitions Punisher, Mestic Munitions Viper XP .45ACP, Mestic Munitions Wolverine Assault Pistol .45ACP, Perfect Defense Contractors MagSec 4, Corellia Incorporated M-23 Assault Rifle, Corellia Incorporated M-50 sniper rifle, Corellia Incorporated M-91 Assault rifle, Remington 7mm Magnum Sniper Rifle, T-22 Sniper Rifle, Haskins M500 .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, Deathtek Boltrifle DK-9, Arbitron Tri-Barrel 5, Arbitron 8mm C-15 Impaler Gauss Rifle, HattMark ATG-4 Anti-Tank Sniper Rifle, HattMark MB-1R, HattMark MB-2R, HattMark MB-3R, VerdanTech VT-17 Sniper Rifle, VerdanTech VT-36E Excalibur Assault Rifle, VerdanTech VT-47 Assault Rifle, VerdanTech VT-P1SG sniper Rifle, RanCorp ST-19 Long Rifle, Belecuu Firearms AR131/F3, Belecuu Firearms AR131, Belecuu Firearms AR33-A2 Vindicator, Belecuu Firearms AiC-GK A4 Entrailer, Belecuu Firearms LMG-I Minigun, BlasTech SR-11 Rifle, Carrington Institutes AR34, Carrington RC-P120A2, Carrington RC-P120, Carrington 2010 Sniper Rifle, Heraali BS5, Heraali KF7 Assault Rifle, Heraali RC-P90, Kashan Industries A-series Kashan-47 Automatic Rifle, Merr-Sonn Munitions K-series M12, Mestic AR-15/203 Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions AR-16 Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions AR-17 Sniper Rifle, Mestic Munitions AR-25 Heavy Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions Deluxe Rifle Kit, Mestic Munitions Light Game Hunter, Mestic Munitions Model 14 Rifle, Mestic Munitions Model 15 Rifle, Mestic Munitions Model 16 Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions M-16c Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions M-16h Heavy Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions M-16i Assault Rifle, Mestic Munitions M-16m Sharpshooters Rifle, Mestic Munitions Model 21 Rifle, Mestic Munitions SR-22 Sniper Rifle, Mestic Munitions SR-23 Sniper Rifle, Mestic Munitions av-2000 Decimator, Mestic sg552 Assault Rifle, Sawed-Off Bantha Gun, Bantha Gun, Mestic Spec-55 Over-Under, Mestic Spec-8 Auto-Loader, Sawed-Off Remington 10 Guage, Remington Munitions 10 Guage Double Barrel Shotgun, VerdanTech xm1014 Combat Shotgun, VerdanTech m3 Combat Shotgun, Verdant Technology KI-lah7 pump combat shotgun, Mestic Munitions MST-11a pump combat shotgun, Mestic Munitions Crowd Killer 1A (CK-1A) Over-Under/Pump Shotgun, HattMark SG-7 Shotgun, HattMark SG-4 Shotgun, Gand slugthrower, Deathtek Dakka Assault Weapon DK-1/8, Rancor Munitions Corporation HT-5 Minigun, Verdant Technologies VT-94 Machine Gun, Lumnar Industries Ice Shard Pistol, Lumnar Industries Ice Shard Rifle, Welkret Electronics/Belecuu Firearms RHH-LH Leveler, Mestic Munitions HGG-1 Mini Gun, Kashan Technological Development/Mestic Munitions Type I PRG, Mestic Munitions Type II PRG, Mestic Munitions Type III PRG, Kashan Technological Development Type IV PRG to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section, all rescued from DLOS.

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10/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        A little over a year ago I posted my thoughts on the death of Gary Gygax, and it was that posting which spurred me back into updating
        Sadly today I've just read the news that Dave Arneson passed away on Tuesday the 7th of April after a two year battle with cancer.
        D&D has now lost both of its fathers, and I have to admit that I never realised until I was reading his bibliography that one of my favorite Shadowrun adventures DNA/DOA was also by him.
        I'd love to write loads more, about how Arneson actually was core in many of the key areas of developing D&D, such as the players only playing one character, and the tolkienesque fantasy background, but I think really all I want to say at the moment is that we've lost another of the founders of our hobby, and he'll be sadly missed.

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09/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Another day, another batch of DLOS stats, today I've added Adelphi Heavy Wrist-Blaster, Adelphi Wrist-Blaster, BlasTech WristBlast-500, BlasTech WristBlast-750, BlasTech WristBlast-900, Model 203 Grenade Launcher, Stone Rain Mortar, Vetricon RPG, VerdanTech L-5 Shoulder Mounted Missile Launcher, Mestic M-72 LAW Rocket Launcher, MerrSonn lw34 Interceptor Missile Launcher, Corellia Incorporated FL-1 Grenade Gun, Door Maker, Field Mortar, Fragmentation Grenade Launcher, Grenade Gun, SLATRL System (Shoulder-Launched Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher), Mestic RPG, Torplex t-21 plasma missile, LS-2 Plastique Explosive, RanCorp Selplex-23 Nerve Gas, RanCorp blastwing anti-tank rocket, Crater Grenade, EX-17 Ecstasy Grenade, Convulsion Grenade, Fatigue Grenade, Corellia Incorporated Anti-tank Grenade, Corellia Incorporated Fragmentation Grenade, Corellia Incorporated HE Grenade, HattMark BB-12 Blaster Bomb, HattMark BB-3, HattMark BB-6 Blaster Bomb, HattMark BB-9 Blaster Bomb, HattMark IR Grenade, Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, Heated Smoke Grenade, Anti-grav Mine, PLS-5 Plastique Explosive, RT-9 Heavy Explosive, PLS-7 Plastique Explosive, Spider Mine, Vetricon Anti-infantry mine, Vetricon Anti-Repulsor Magnetic Mine, Vetricon Anti-tank mine, Vetricon EMP Mine, Quavar A200, Shaped Charge 39, Shaped Charge 40, Seismi Mine 41, Seismi Mine 42, Tele Mine 43, Tele Mine 44, Acidic Adhesive Thermite Gel, Proton Charge and Proximity Charge to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section.

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08/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well another day, another batch of DLOS weapons, today I've added BlasTech A290, BlasTech A285 Sniper Rifle, Atreides LB-36 Blaster Rifle, BlasTech 34 Mountain Troop Rifle, BlasTech 35/A Blaster Rifle, BlasTech 98(a) Blaster Rifle, BlasTech 98k Blaster Rifle, BlasTech 98l Sharpshooter, T-27 Blackjack Riot Suppression Rifle, Kalpien-Deskua M364 S1 Blaster Rifle, M-4 Combination Blaster Rifle, N-6 Anti-Tank Blaster Rifle, N-7 Anti-Tank Blaster Rifle, BlasTech E-15 Vindicator Sniper Blaster Rifle, Titan Technologies Fury A-18 LE Scoped Blaster Rifle, BlasTech E11/B3 Blaster Rifle, BlasTech E12, BlasTech T-10 Blaster Rifle, ConsuleTec A-1 Blaster Rifle, ConsuleTec A-A7 Assault Weapon, Corellia Incorporated BS-1 Sniper Blaster, B-12 Blaster Rifle, B-13 Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn FH-3 Long Blaster Rifle, Merr-Sonn PXI-2, Merr-Sonn PXI-3 Pulse Blaster Rifle, Imperial D1 Blaster Rifle, SoroSuub Seatrooper One, Stormtrooper Three Heavy Blaster Rifle, Battle Droid Blaster, Sorosuub D-1B Sniper Rifle, Du-90/2 Sniper/blaster rifle, HARM Corps DU-78 Sniper Blaster, HARM Corps DU-80A Standard Issue Blaster Rifle, HARM Corps DU-80B Standard Issue Blaster Rifle, Du-80 HARM standard issue blaster rifle, R4 Blaster Rifle, Mandalorian Blast Rifle, LR-22 Blaster Rifle, Particle Projection Cannon, RahlTech Charger Rifle, Thunder 600 Heavy Blaster Package, Tricore Industries X-19 Reflective Blaster, Unzervalt Creations UN-25o Medium Hand Blaster Rifle, Vetricon BV-9 Sharpshooters Rifle, Vetricon BV-14 Blaster Rifle, BlasTech A300, Portable E-Web (16), T-13 Uzi Repeater, T-22 Repeating Blaster, Imperial RB-XIIa Repeating Blaster, Imperial Heavy Assault Repeater, Imperial Repeating Rifle, B-12/r Repeating Blaster, Kashan SFBR-1 Repeating Blaster, Kashan Assault Blaster, Carrington Laptop Gun, BLASTECH BT-40 FEATHER ULTRALIGHT REPEATING BLASTER, RB-23 General Purpose Medium Repeating Blaster, RB-23(D) Medium Repeating Blaster, RB-27 Medium Repeating Blaster, Kalpien-Deskua S2 Repeating Blaster Carbine, Automatic Blaster Rifle, LRR-44 Repeating Blaster, Navcorp T-67 Heavy Repeating Cannon, RanCorp A.R.T. Assault Rifle, RanCorp RRL-44 Repeater Rifle, RanCorp SMG Repeating Blaster, VerdanTech Uz-8 Repeater, Vetricon BV-15 Repeating Blaster Rifle to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the site.

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07/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

        Well here's the few more I intended to add yesterday BlasTech A270, HattMark Disintegrator, B-12/c Blaster Carbine, Kashan TTH-B Carbine, Boarding Carbine, Imperial CQ-55 Blaster Carbine, Stormtrooper One Carbine, Vetricon BV-13 Blaster Carbine, WM-19 Stopper Blaster Carbine, Merr-Sonn Sport Hunter, Naboo Sporting Blaster all added to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the site and all rescued from DLOS.

        Well for those that notice such things, but that's the site been back up and being updated for a full year now. I know I come and go as my time is more or less restricted, but I think we've had a pretty darn good year, having added 1,226 stats to the site which pretty much doubles the size of the site from where it was before I started updating it again. What can I say more, except thanks to the many, many guys who've been sending in absolutely amazing work for inclusion on the site, every single bit is appreciated, and I stand in awe of some of the incredible work I'm regularly sent through. And thanks to everyone who keeps on coming by, although I'm not one for watching the stats too much, it does give me a bit of satisfaction to see the visits grow each month.

        We're slowly slogging our way through all the DLOS stats, and still have a few more additions to the site after that, with some exciting stuff still to come. However I'm still keeping my eyes open for what to move onto after that, and I've been having some pretty wild idea's (which for my sanity's sake should probably never see the light of day), but if you've any ideas on how the site should grow and develop, then please get in touch, either through the forums, email, or by note attached to an arrow and shot through my window (okay the first two are probably easier).

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06/April/2009 Posted by Freddy

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