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Cilghal (Mon Calamari Jedi Knight)
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February/2010 UPDATES

23/February/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Well still being very reliant on the kindness of others, today I've added GalacTech H-14 Medium Repeating Blaster to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section of the site, a kind contribution from Alex Panzerkit. Many thanks to him.

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16/February/2010 Posted by Freddy

        Well. . . . .

        Quiet round here isn't it . . . .

        Well, as usual I'm full of excuses, I've been in hospital getting a lump cut out of my head, which hopefully wasn't something I'll need later in life. My wee boy (ahh, how scottish is that) has been ill as well, involving a 4am visit to the accident and emergency department at the local hospital, and various other misadventures. But anyway, I'm older, hopefully wiser, and missing a bit of my head, so I'll maybe get back into things (if only I could remember not to scratch my stitches, as it makes them bleed and hurts like hell).

        Well, an old friend of the site, Weston has been in touch, and very kindly sent through these contributions to the site Mon Calimari Shipyards MC30c Frigate and Mon Calamari Commandship Home One to the Star Wars D/6 Starships Section, and Golan Arms CR-1 Blaster Cannon to the Star Wars D/6 Equipment Section. Many thanks to him for the great work, as always very much appreciated.

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