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June/2007 UPDATES

17/June/2007 Posted by Freddy

        We are in the process of making some necessary updates to our forums and gallery. This may mean some intermittent downtime of those parts of the site over the next day or two.
        In the mean time, while the forums are up, why not drop by and share your thoughts on what you would like to see on the site ? See you on the (soon to be improved!) Forums!

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08/June/2007 Posted by Freddy

        Hey, wow, second day in a row that I've done work on the site. I've changed the D/6 Equipment menu over to the database style of menu system I implmented a couple of years ago, and fixed the font size in those menus as it was a little on the large size.
        Oh, and while I remember, the hosting is paid for, for another year, so the site isn't going anywhere.

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07/June/2007 Posted by Freddy

        Well, no updates in almost a year, but I've had some spare time today, and I've fixed some of the dodgy code on the site, so it "should" display better in Firefox.
        I've also added code to the menu's that allows you to refine your selection by limiting the items displayed on the page, so you can view all Starfighters, or all Imperial Ships, etc. Just a small change, but since it was always intended, it was about time I implemented it. Guess I'll have to get around to implementing the equipment section into the new menus as well, although I know more about databases and php now, so its probably only a job of 30 minutes rather than several hours.
        Hum-ho, guess we'll see if I get around to doing more.

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