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May/2012 UPDATES

22/May/2012 Posted by Freddy

        More fantastic submissions from Jason Dickerson, today I've added, Darth Chratis (Human Sith Lord), Darth Thanaton (Human Sith Lord), Darth Baras (Human Sith Lord), Darth Howl (Human Sith Lord), Darth Malgus (Human Sith Lord) and Darth Bane (Human Sith Lord) to the Star Wars D/6 Characters section of the site. Many thanks to Jason as usual, for his excellent work.

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07/May/2012 Posted by Freddy

        Just a quickie, a contribution to the site from Foebane, Cad Bane (Duro Bounty Hunter) has been added to the Star Wars D/6 Characters section of the site.

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