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14/December/2017 Posted by Freddy

        Okay, because there's a new Star Wars Film out, we're getting new visitors to the site. And I get the feeling that many of them have never heard of West End Games Star Wars D6 Role Playing Game.
        But they're here, and to hopefully help them get some use out of the Stat's they're seeing, I've added a D6 Rules Section to the Left hand menu, and have added my first article on this subject The Quick and Dirty D6 Rules Guide.
        Now, I have to admit, I typed this up from memory, while I was away from my Rulebooks. So could those who know the D6 rules have a scan through and see if I've made any mistakes.
        These are just a quick and dirty guide, just enough to sit down with a bunch of D6's, a few friends, some stats from the site and have a quick game.
        There's no guides to experience, there's no guide to the Force, there's no rules for Starship or Vehicular Combat (beyond how the skills are rolled), and I'll follow up with a couple more articles real soon now.
        So, any thoughts, put them in the comments or email me at the usual place. I'm off with my wife and two sons to see The Last Jedi tomorrow night, so no update tomorrow.


Comments made about this Article!

15/Dec/2017 02:13:33 Posted by Alex Panzerkit

What about hosting some copies of the WEG Open D6 books? They aren't the same as D6 Star Wars, but since they are now free to download they are perhaps 'Close enough'


19/Dec/2017 22:11:26 Posted by Freddy

I've never been sure about doing that, but I think I might.

I've always wanted to sit down and bring the Open Source Elements from D6 Space and make a new revision of Star Wars, I first worked on the concept for RPGGamers 10th Anniversary 5 years ago, but whoops.

Cheers Alex, good to see you still around.


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