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13/September/2018 Posted by Freddy

THE FANTASY TRIP – Old-School Roleplaying!

        No review today, as the real world is getting in the way and I don't have any time. But wanted to take a moment to mention The Fantasy Trip. It's the early RPG by Steve Jackson, which I mentioned in passing in my Heroes of RPG's on him.
        Well, turns out he's manages to regain the rights, and has been kickstarting it, very successfully by the looks of things. So it's going to get a reprint, which is pretty interesting as it was one of the first games to look at RPG's in a slightly different way, introducing such things as points building rather than random rolls which had been used before.
        But it also looks like they're opening the system up for others to begin publishing expansions and supplements for, which feels either blindly optimistic, or a bit of a cash grab to me (I haven't looked deeply into their licencing, but it appears that there's no quality control, which could turn their webstore of The Fantasy Trip material into a morass of poorly written, click bait titled trash). Anyway, if you're interested, read some more here.


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