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03/October/2018 Posted by Freddy

        Two things today, firstly another contribution from the always wonderful Monk2024, Modified SK27 Megahauler - Our lucky lady Jane. Many thanks as always to him for submitting it to the site.

        Secondly, I've been reading rumours about Episode 9, that it will involve a lightsaber battle between Luke and Darth Vader. Now on first inspection this appears to be a ridiculous rumour, not only are both dead, but the whole point of the original trilogy is Vaders redemption, so why would they be fighting.
        However, given the emphasis during The Force Awakens on the Lightsaber battle the two had on Bespin, could the rumour be talking about revisiting that scene, and maybe even the fight on the Death Star 2, as an example to Rey and Kylo about Kylo's chance at Redemption?
        This early in production, all rumours are extremely unlikely to be true, but I thought this one had some interesting possibilities.
        Anyone got any thoughts?


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