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19/October/2018 Posted by Freddy

My New D6 Character

        One of the guys in my gaming group picked up the 30th Anniversary re-release of the Star Wars RPG, 1st Editon. And reading through it sparked the interest to run it once again, so we've been making characters.
So here is the background and the character art I've done for my Sand Person that I'll be running. It struck me as fairly interesting to be running a religious zealot in Star Wars.

        Born among the People, (referred to by outsiders as Tusken Raiders or Sand People), Gurur'Ukruk was apprenticed to the Storyteller of his tribe, learning the stories of their ancestors and the devastation the sky people had brought to their cities and the lush paradise that was once Tatooine. He learnt that they had survived underground from the attack, and that their species had split into the Jawa's and the Ghorfa, eventually becoming the People. He grew to adulthood, hunting, bloodletting and killing a Dewback as part of his bloodrite, and was tasked in learning Basic as part of his training, learning the way of the offworlders, rather than the Huttese or Jawa that many Sand People learn.
        He learnt as part of his education, that many of the People are not Ghorfa, but Humans, kidnapped as children and adopted into the tribes to build their numbers. As he studied Basic and the Humans, he became fascinated by their technology, and kept some that they captured from moisture farms, learning to use Datapads and the weapons of the offworlders in secret, fascinated by the technology and curious to on where it had come from. It was only when he the Storyteller passed away, and Gurur'Ukruk was set to replace him was this fact revealed to the tribe by one of the rivals for the position, and he was cast out from the tribe, his Bantha slaughtered in front of him, and he was left in the desert to die.
        He trailed his tribe for months, surviving without problem in the harsh environment of the deep desert, and it was this exile that saved his life when the tribe attacked a settlement, only to discover that the local imperial garrison was already there searching for smugglers hiding their ships in the desert.
        With his tribe massacred, and all ties severed, Gurur'Ukruk set off for Mos Eisley, trading his property for passage off world. He has travelled the Galaxy since, curious about the variety of species and worlds out there.
        He remains convinced that The People are purified by the desert, and that the Galactic Civil war is evidence that the Off-Worlders are violent and destructive, and therefore inferior to The People, and in need of guidance, and he has joined the Rebellion to try to help end this war and the destruction it brings to the innocent and weak.
        He still wears robes and breathmask, upgrading to non-tusken versions, and no longer keeps to the religious rules on never revealing skin except during marriage and childbirth. Under his robes and mask, he appears to be human, but his skin is blistered and scarred by the desert life he once led, and the constant rubbing of his garments.


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