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21/October/2018 Posted by Freddy

Zak Balu

        Well, back to the Rebels reviews tomorrow, I've had the weeks break between seasons, and back to the routine.
        But before that I'd just like to share a couple of things Star Wars related that I've been doing the past couple of days. I shared the artwork and history for my new character in a 1st Edition campaign we're just starting up, but I kind of wanted to go back and show my old characters. So I did artwork for a couple.

Zak Balu

        First I'd like to present, Zak Balu, a Human medic. I based him on the actor Thaao Penghlis, most specifically his portrayal in the 1980's reboot of Mission Impossible.
        Zak served in the Grand Army of the Republic as a combat medic during the Clone Wars, and after he was discharged set up a medical practice Chandrila, but was forced out of business and away due to an inappropriate relationship with a noble lady patient of his.
        He traded his medical skills across the galaxy, ending up on Tatooine and meeting a group of fellow scoundrels. They worked for the Lady Valarian, a Whipid crime lord on that world who had a certain flirtatious relationship with Zak. Zak acted as the medic and face for the team, being both human and a veteran of the military, he was good at infiltration as an Imperial Officer.
        He was flirtatious to the extreme, and constantly wore muted yet fashionable clothes. He was instantly likable, yet felt untrustworthy and sleazy, leading to many wiping their palms unconsciously after shaking his hand.
        The artwork I've put together for this character is based on Christopher Lee as Count Dooku for the pose and fashion, and obviously Thaao Penghlis himself for the visage. He was a Saga edition character I played in a Scoundrels campaign, about 5 years ago.


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