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21/October/2018 Posted by Freddy


        Slavicsek is a Quarren Pilot I played in a 2nd Edition Star Wars campaign up until around 2001. Slavicsek was originally a pirate, he and his co-pilot, a near human called Dornn Mackai, were part of a pirate attack on one of the convoys delivering resources for a massive Imperial construction project. The pirates ambushed by Star Destroyers which decimated the pirate fleet, leading to Slavicsek and Dornn jumping in an escape pod and fleeing.
        Their pod was rescued by a Rebel vessel looking for any information on the massive Imperial construction project which no one yet knew was the 1st Death Star. Needing a ship, and having nothing to trade but their talents, Slavicsek and Dornn signed up to the Rebellion, and served with a Rebel Cell. Dornn trained in the ways of the Force along with a Wookiee Jedi called Lennier who was in their team. While Slavicsek worked on his piloting skills, and helped modify their vessel, a Ghtroc transport, with the teams Verpine tech, Patrick Harper.
        Their adventures came to an end when they fought at the Battle of Endor, and the team was disbanded with the members going their own separate ways. Much of the team was reformed later under New Republic Intelligence, however Slavicsek went his own way, back to a life of crime (since I took over the campaign at that point).

        I may dig out Slavicsek's character sheet and add him to the site sometime today, and I'd obviously like to point out that this character was named after Bill Slavicsek one of the head writers of Star Wars D6 (I had a tendency of naming my characters at the time after the writers of the games we were playing, and I'm afraid to my very British ears, Slavicsek sounded like a decent alien name). The artwork I've put together for this character is based on the pose and outfit of a Naboo pilot, I really liked the Rocketeer retro vibe of the outfit.


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22/Oct/2018 00:29:54 Posted by Freddy

Looks like I may have lost my old character sheet :(

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