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07/January/2019 Posted by Freddy

BeyondD6 Beta Testing

        Back in september, I put out a call for anyone who wanted to beta test the system we're putting together allowing online play of Star Wars D/6, BeyondD6.

        And WOW! Before I shut down the request, there were 800 applications.

        Which was incredible. Now I selected around 30 play testers and let them loose on the system, and after some early feedback which helped us eliminate some issues, things have definitely settled down.

        The system is still far from complete, but is usable at the moment, and after discussions within our team (okay much of it was a discussion with myself, but I did reach out for other opinions), we've decided to reopen the beta programme to others. We'll be sending out the screening survey in the next few days to the 770 people who applied but weren't contacted by us, and the form is now open again on the front page of BeyondD6.

        So, if you're interested at all in taking part, then drop your name/email into the form on the front page of, and we'll be in touch.


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