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Hello, and welcome to RPGGamer.org

        "Aries: (March 21—April 19)
                God will confess that He does play dice with the universe, but explain that He used the 16-sided kind during His Creation-spanning game of Dungeons & Dragons.": The Onion




        On March 4th this year E Gary Gygax passed away, and I would just like to say a few words about this.

        While Role Playing Games may have come into some form without him, the combination of story telling and war games rules may have been inevitable (I remember setting scenes for school mates when I was around the age of 7, "What would you do if Aliens invaded now?" being one I remember), Gary Gygax is never the less the father of the Role Playing Industry. With Dungeons and Dragons he set the basis for everything that followed, and as Role Players we all have been influenced perhaps more by this one man than any other. Until he died I had never really paid attention to the effect that his work had really had on my life, for example I consider myself a huge Star Wars fan, and freely credit George Lucas for the enjoyment he has brought to my life, I probably on spend an hour or so a month doing anything Star Wars related, watching the movies once a year or so, reading web-sites, books, etc. However for the past 18 or so years I have spent 2 or 3 hours a week (sometime more, sometimes far less) playing Role Playing Games, I've spent innumerable hours writing adventures, games, talking about games, doing web-sites, etc, etc. While I met L due to computer related reasons, we may not have become friends if he had not seen my large collection of RPG's, and we certainly wouldn't have met many of the others in our gaming group. Through RPG's I've met and talked with people across the world, its shaped how I spend my time, the people I am friends with, and many other aspects of my life.

        So, what can I say except, thanks Gary, you shaped my life, you led me to meet some of the best people in my life, and the games you made have brought me incredible pleasure, fun and joy. Thank you, your legacy lives on through a generation of gamers.

        Postscript - I decided to write this while on the train this morning while listening to a podcast where they discussed Gary Gygax, and I felt that while they made a lot of good points, they missed some as well, some that we'd made during our last play session when having a similar discussion (the major point being that none of us would actually be there together without Gary Gygax), and then discovered on arrival at work that Arthur C Clarke had died this morning, another terrible loss (although mainly remembered as a writer (especially of 2001), he was also responsible for many theories which have shaped the modern world (such as the communications satellite, without which phones, satnav, satellite television, etc wouldn't work nearly as well as they do)). So far March 2008 is sucking quite badly.


        We are in the process of making some necessary updates to our forums and gallery. This may mean some intermittent downtime of those parts of the site over the next day or two.

        In the mean time, while the forums are up, why not drop by and share your thoughts on what you would like to see on the site ? See you on the (soon to be improved!) Forums!


        Hey, wow, second day in a row that I've done work on the site. I've changed the D/6 Equipment menu over to the database style of menu system I implmented a couple of years ago, and fixed the font size in those menus as it was a little on the large size.

        Oh, and while I remember, the hosting is paid for, for another year, so the site isn't going anywhere.


        Well, no updates in almost a year, but I've had some spare time today, and I've fixed some of the dodgy code on the site, so it "should" display better in Firefox.

        I've also added code to the menu's that allows you to refine your selection by limiting the items displayed on the page, so you can view all Starfighters, or all Imperial Ships, etc. Just a small change, but since it was always intended, it was about time I implemented it. Guess I'll have to get around to implementing the equipment section into the new menus as well, although I know more about databases and php now, so its probably only a job of 30 minutes rather than several hours.

        Hum-ho, guess we'll see if I get around to doing more.


        Added Knights of the Old Republic Armour and Equipment, Knights of the Old Republic Accessories, Knights of the Old Republic Grenades and Mines and Knights of the Old Republic Energy Shields to the Star Wars D/6 The Equipment Section, all incredibles contributions by Joe St Laurent, of which we'll see more next week.       


        Received the following email from Chad Peter and wanted to bring it to everyone's attention.

        First off, my apologies for the spam-ish nature of this email. I'm doing my best to promote my latest short film, "Roleplayed".

        The flick is 15mins long and available for download from my website, etc, etc. It was inspired by the fact that I had to move away from my old gaming group and now have to deal with the fact that I can't roleplay (at least, not yet). It's got some foul language and some intense moments in it, despite the fact that it's a dark comedy.

        I'd love any help promoting the release of the film that you'd be willing to give! Thanks!

The movie:


135 MBytes - H264. Quicktime 7 required.

15 minutes running time

The official website:


        Thanks for your time, Freddy!

        Well I've watched it, and I loved it, so head on over and give him all the support that he deserves for this truly brilliant piece of work.

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