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Dark Well Sniper Armor

Akira's Dark Well Armor is made up of light plates covered in a special
coating that actualy creates a well of darkness causing the light to go
around the person. While in broad daylight this isn't enough to render
the user invisible it is enoguh to make them very hard to pick out in
low lgiht as their outline is disrupted by the lightbending. The armor's
shape is also made irregular so it looks as little like a body as
possible. This also allows, even in dayligt, an unmoving sniper in their
perch to be very well hidden from spotters.

Model: Akira Armor Company Dark Well Sniper Armor
Type: Medium (Concealing Armor)
Cost: 2,600 credits
DR: 5
Max Dex Bonus: +4
Armor Check Penalty: -4
Speed: 8 (10 m), 4 (6 m)
Weight: 16kg

Game Notes: Adds +4 equipment bonus to hide checks in low light conditions.

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