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Akira Softshell Armour

Based partialy off Stromtrooper Armour, the Akira SoftShell is a durable
lightweight armour with flexible joints. the armour consists of shell
like peices that fit over a themral controled body glove. The peices are
shaped and fitted togetehr differently than stormtrooper armour and
provide protection at the joints but lfixbility as well. The SoftShell
armour can come in any colour and is very rounded and smooth. It's
helemet covers everything but the nose and mouth. A thin gorizontal
visor covers the eyes and has a thin protrussion of the helmet's material
to shade the visor from exceess sunlight. The visor has lgiht enhancement
and other visual scrubebrs and a military grade comlink is built into it
near the mouth.

Akira Armor Company SoftShell
Type: Medium (Specialized Infantry Armor)
Cost: 4,500 credits
DR: 4
Max Dex Bonus: +5
Armor Check Penalty: -2
Speed: 8 (10 m), 4 (6 m)
Weight: 15 kg

Game Notes:
Comlink Helmet:
The comlink system itself is a small unit that fits inside the helmet.
Effective range of up to a kilometer.

Capable of standard light amplification (no penalty for
darkness, smoke, etc), infrared (views via heat signatures) and
magnification (standard macrobinoculars).

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