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Anti-U.N. SV-51 Booster

Anti-U.N. SV-51 Booster

Grenade, Sonic

Grenade, Sonic
Wolf Sazen (Zabrak Jedi)

Wolf Sazen (Zabrak Jedi)

Vetricon VCH-5 Combat Helmet

Vetricon's first released model of standardized helmet. The VCH-5 is made
out of a composite palstoid that covers the top of the head and has an
adjustable chin strap. A visor palte sldies down over the eyes. This
visor has macrobinoculars and a PLE, passive light enhancement, module
built in. A very small antenna sticks up from the side of the helmet,
this antenna serves as a 360 degree motion sensor which feeds the data
to a Heads-up-Display(HUD) in the top right corner of the visor. A
breath-mask can also be pulled down voer the exposed part of the face,
the eyes and nose, to protect the wearer from harmful things in the air.

Model: Vetricon Enterprises VCH-5 Helmet
Type: combat Helmet
Cost: 300
Availability: 2, R
Game Notes: Armor: +1D versus physical, +2 versus energy
Passive Light Enhancement: Subtracts 2D from any darknss penalties incurred. Cannot rduce penalties below 0D
Motion Sensor: +1D to detect any movement within 50 meters, can detect movement within 100m.
Macrobinocular plate: +2D to search past 100 meters.
Helmet Comlink: Has military grade encryption and several preset tactical frequencies.
Breath-Mask: When pulled down over the face it protects the wearer from toxins in the air including things like tear gas.

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