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Architect droid

Architect droid

Galactic Terran Alliance Triton Class Freighter

Galactic Terran Alliance Triton Class Freighter
Shivan Mephisto Class Freighter

Shivan Mephisto Class Freighter

Merr-Sonn SC-Firebat Combat PowerSuit

The Firebat variant of Merr-Sonn's SC-series combat armor turns a single person
into a brutal killing machine. The main suit is quite similar to that of the
Marine variant with the removal of the shoulder-mounted flood lights and the
addition of a built on flamer unit.

The flamer unit is quite deadly and has an effective range of nearly ten meters.
The high combustion fuel is stored in tanks mounted on the back of the armor with
projector units mounted on either forearm.

Like all the other SC-series armor suits the Firebat variant was designed to be
used in nearly any enviroment and carries with it fifteen hours of atmosphere,
a heating unit, a waste unit, a comlink as well as magnetic boots for working
in the vacuum of space.

Model: Merr-Sonn SC-Firebat Combat PowerSuit
Type: Medium (Military flamethrower powersuit)
Cost: 4,000 credits
DR: 5
Max Dex Bonus: + 3
Armor Check Penalty: -4
Speed: 8 (10 m), 4 (6 m)
Weight: 20 kg

The suit has 15 hours of atmosphere, heating unit, waste unit,
includes a comlink, a backpack napalm tank and is self-patching,
while providing decent protection against blaster fire.

- Flamethrower
        Cost: NFS
        Damage: 6d8 - 2d8*
        Critical: 19 - 20
        Range Increment: 1 m
        Weight: 8 kg
        Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
        Type: Scorching
        Size: Large
        Group: Heavy

*Damage: Begins at 6d8 and decreases each round a target is on fire

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