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DD9 Spitfire

When SoroSuub introduced their Renegade heavy blaster pistol both BlasTech
and Merr-Sonn scrambled to produce more powerful designs in an attempt to
become "king of blasters." Shortly after the SoroSuub release of the
Renegade, Merr-Sonn introduced their Spitfire.

The Spitfire was designed off of the popular DD6 model and resembles a
bulkier version of the weapon. The Spitfire did acheive its goal of
outclassing the Renegade, but Merr-Sonn was forced to admit defeat when
BlasTech demonstrated its T-6 Thunderer (which packed more of a punch than
the average light repeater).

The Spitfire traded ammunition and range for sheer firepower, something that
the Renegade and Thunderer did not have to do. The Spitfire was taken off of
the market shortly after the introduction of the Thunderer.

Model: Merr-Sonn DD9 "Spitfire"
Type: Heavy blaster pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: heavy blaster pistol
Ammo: 6
Cost: 800 (power packs: 25)
Availability: 4, X
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 3-5/15/30
Damage: 6D

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