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Light Hand Blaster

Model: Unzervalt Creations UN-3z Light Hand Blaster
Type: Dual-Bodied Specialty Blaster Pistol
Cost: 850 (40 for power pack)
Damage: 5d4, 6d4 (Both Barrels)
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 13 m
Weight: 1.5 kg
Stun Damage/Fort Save: -
Type: Energy
Size: Small
Group: Blaster Pistols
Ammo: 40(per barrel)

Due to the shape of this blaster, non-Unzer can only fire one barrel at a time unless using both hands. With both hands,  the character suffers a -3 penalty unless he has a specialization in it. This is a line of Blaster Pistols designed with the Unzer's unique hand formation in mind, looking much like two regular  blaster pistols joined at the hilt. There are two separate triggers, although they may be tied together electrically to allow non-Unzer to use them paying an additional 50 credits, or by making the modifications yourself with a Moderate Repair roll.

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