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Vetricon BV-13 Blaster Carbine

The BV-13 Carbine is one of the main weapons sued by Hammer's Slammers Infantry. It is for clsoe quarters combat and is generaly sued as a secondary weapon in the Slammers. It has a fairly short range but packs a signifigant punch and ahs a faster recharge rate than msot carbines. The addition of a vibro-bayonet also allows for point-blank cobmat for 'down and dirty work' in trenches and the like. The weapon is smooth and accurate at clsoe range but at the logner distances it becomes unreliable.

Model: Vetricon Enterprises BV-13 Blaster Carbine
Type: Blaster carbine
Cost: 900 (power packs: 50)
Damage: 4d8
Critical: 19 - 20
Range Increment: 10 m
Weight: 3 kg
Stun Damage/Fort Save: 1d8/DC 18
Type: Energy
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster Rifles
Ammo: 100

Clumsiness: At long range, add +5 to difficulty.
Folding Stock: +3 to Blaster when used for one round of aiming.
Vibro-bayonet (+ 2d4)

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