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Thunder 600 Heavy Blaster Package

The Thunder 600-Heavy Blaster Package is personal arsenal of weaponry. Far too large for any normal person, this weapon requires a moderate Lifting roll every round to hold the weapon up. Huge races (ie. wookies), as well as individuals in strength enhancing powersuits, have no problems holding up such a large weapon package.

Model: Gualtero Arms Heavy Blaster Package
Cost: 10,000 (Black Market additional mark-up applies)
Damage: Blaster: 4d10
Ion Cannon: 3d10 ionization
Critical: 19 - 20
Range Increment: Blaster: 20 m
Ion Cannon: 12 m
Weight: 5 kg
Stun Fort Save: DC 18
Type: Energy
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster Rifle
Ammo: Blaster: 100 (4 per shot)
Ion Cannon: 3 shots per 1 hour charge up
Game Notes: Mode Toggling: Switching between functions of weapon is a
free action.

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