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Tricore Industries X-19 Reflective Blaster

The X-19 Blaster was one of Tricore's early failures. This weapons' lack of sales among Imperial and planetary defense forces almost forced the company into bankruptcy. However, other designs saved Tricore Industries, but the X-19 was discontinued. Several hundred X-19's were still left, and are sold at greatly reduced prices.

Reflective Bolt Rules: Due to the paramagnetic matrix that produces the bolt, the blaster bolt can reflect off of most surfaces. The difficulty for a "bounced" shot is increased 2D for every "bounce". Range is considering from the firer to the obstacle to be reflected off of, to the target. A note to GMs, if you're not good with maps, I suggest not using this weapon or making up your own rules. On miss,use grenade scatter to determine where the bolt does go.

Model: Tricore Industries X-19 Reflective Blaster
Cost: 1,300 credits
Damage: 3d8
Critical: 19 - 20
Range Increment: 20 m
Weight: 4.4 kg
Stun Fort Save: DC 18
Type: Energy
Size: Medium
Group: Blaster Rifle
Ammo: 25

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