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MerrSonn lw34 Interceptor Missile Launcher

This is a fairly portable military use missile launcher. It unfolds four strong legs which must be bolted down into the ground or floor where it's being set up. The missile then is slid in through the large firing tube's rear and is swung upward. The top of the four legs has a top of the line miltiary servomotor to allow the launcher to turn in any direction and swing up and down as well. The firer stands at the front end of the 2 meter long firing tube and uses a targeting screen flipped out from the side. the firing controls are mounted on a grip extending underneath the sighter display. These launchers saw only limited action by the empire against enemy speeders,tanks, and even smaller starfighters. It instead found it's way into para-military hands predominantly.

Model: Merr-Sonn Munitions lw34 Missile Launcher
Cost: NFS
Damage: 6d1+2
Critical: 20
Range Increment: 85 m (20 m)
Weight: 60 kg
Stun Fort Save: -
Type: Energy
Size: Large
Group: Heavy
Crew: 2
Ammo: 1
Fire Control : +2
Game Notes:
The reloader must drop another shell into the tube each time after a rocket has been fired.

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