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            S'kytri are quite tall for humanoids, many surpassing two meters in height. S'kytri under 1.8 meters in height, certainly a respectable height on most worlds inhabited by humanoids, would be deemed "short" by their standards. The thin, muscular physiques and chiseled facial features of the S'kytri are considered by others to be among the most beautiful in the galaxy. As a winged species, they consider excess body weight not only impractical but also dangerous for flying. One would be hard-pressed to find overweight S'kytri.

            The tall, slender, tapering wings of the S'kytri are not the only feature that drastically sets them apart from most humanoid species. Another is their skin tone. Nearly all males have pale blue skin, while the skin of most females is a soft shade of green. Hair colors range dramatically on Skye, from violet to yellow to white to maroon, and most grow their hair in thick, wavy tufts in the center of their otherwise bald heads.

            Clothing is not that important to the S'kytri, for too much material creates unwanted wind resistance. Males wear anklets bearing the insignia of their clans, and both genders wear slight coverings to protect their reproductive organs, but little else is worn. The perpetually warm temperatures of Skye make more that this unnecessary.

Roleplaying Game Statistics

Attribute Dice: 12D
Attribute Minimum/Maximums:
Height: 1.8 to 2 meters
Move: 10/12 (walking) 13/18 (flying)
Quote: "Your presence has profaned our sacred aeries."


Special Skills:
Dexterity Skills:
Flight: S'kytri characters use this skill to fly, much like Humans and other land based creatures use running. Their speed is 13/18, or 37/52 kmh and may be improved in the same manner as ground movement.


Special Abilities:
Flight: S'kytri have large wings, and are able to fly..

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