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Arbitron 8mm C-15 "Impaler" Gauss Rifle

The C-15 "Impaler" is an automatic rifle that fires 8mm 'spikes' which are
designed to pierce light armor on APC's or space suits. Its design also
allows the user to switch it over to accommodate standard 8mm bullets. It
fires either spikes or bullets out in five round controlled bursts. Created
with space in mind it is ideal for defense in open space against suited up
opponents where even a small puncture could spell certain death.

Model: Arbitron C-15 "Impaler"
Type: Firearm
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: gauss rifle
Ammo: 30 (clips: 100)
Cost: 2,500 credits
Availability: 3, R
Fire Rate: 5
Range: 3-40/150/500
Damage: Semi-auto - 4D+1, 3 round burst - 5D+2
Game Notes: Armor Piercing spikes do +1D+1 damage against armored targets.

Comments made about this Article!

08/May/2012 07:53:52 Posted by : lonewolf13 {}

So even Starcraft mMarines rifle has his version in StarWars. ? Did you made the power armor. So my question could it be used underwater, and I know a reduced range of roughly about half the dry land distance.

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