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Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Tauret Class Fighter

Parliamentary Vasudan Alliance Tauret Class Fighter
Death Watch blaster carbine

Death Watch blaster carbine
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VerdanTech VT-36E "Excalibur" Assault Rifle

Like it's carbine cousin the VT-36k, the Excalibur V&-36E was marketed towards
elite mercenaries and goverment covert operations groups. It was made from an
enforced and special sensor treated durasteel polymer capable of btaking great
abuse and being left in a jungle for ten eyars and still functioning when it's
found. It has a very signifigant stopping power and a fairly considerable range
for what is really a close range weapon.

Model: Verdant Technologies VT-36E "Excalibur" Assault Rifle
Type:  Light Assault Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: auto-rifle
Ammo: 60 (standard clip), 90 (extended clip)
Cost: 1,500 credits (standard clips: 25; extended clips: 40)
Availabilty: 3, X
Range: 3-40/125/300
Fire Rate: 3 (semi-auto)
Damage: 5D+2 (semi-auto), 6D+2 (burst of 5 rounds)
Game Notes: Silencer: Very Difficult Perception roll to hear within 5
              meters, Heroic within 10, impossible past 10 meters.
                Retractable Stock: +1D to Firearms if used for one round of

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