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Laser Pointer
Requires a successful called shot to the eyes

Annoying Gadgets Inc. "EYE-SORE" Laser Pointer
Ammo: 500 (Batteries: 5)
Cost: 10 credits
Range Increment: 25 m

This instrument is useless against characters that either are blind
or have no eyes. Can also be attached to a ranged weapon for an
increase of +1 to RAB for one round of aiming. If the called shot
to the eyes is unsuccessful, the GM must determine if the shot was
successful enough to hit the face of the target, if so the target's
sight is stunned for 1d4 rounds. However, if the called shot was
successful the user must roll 3d8 vs the target's Constitution, with
results of the roll and effects listed below.

Result                        Effect
Con/2                All skills using sight at -3 for 1d6 minutes
Con                All skills using sight at -10 for 1d6 hours
Con x 2        Totally blinded for 1d6+1 hours
Con x 3        Permanently Blind

Note: Target may make a Reflex save (DC 25) to shut their eyes before
damage occurs.

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