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RanCorp Intruder Individual Field Disruptor

This device is small and can bbe clipped onto the users belt. It is only about
the size of a glowrod. It Generates a field which pushes open an area of a
forcefield. This device , sometimes used in conjunction with a holo-shroud,
has helped many commandos penetrate enemy bases, target installations, or even
criminal locations for a sting. The devices are also favored by top credit
burglars and assassins.

RanCorp Neo-X8 Individual Field Disruptor
Force Field Disruptor
Cost: 2,500

Game Notes: Generates a field around the wearer that stretches a hole out in
a force field allowing the user to pass through safely. The disruptin field can
only reach a size of 6 square feet and the whole closes once the user has passed through.

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