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RanCorp Bio-engineering Organic Gill

The Organic gill was originaly bred on the Water World of Mon Calamari but
RanCorp Bio-Enginnering took it and enhanced it drasticly. The symbiote's
life span is now idefinate as long as it stays saturated with water. The
membrane that filters oygen from the water also has clips for deep sea
gogles and can hold comlink peices firly in place. These gills allow
people to survive underwater as if it were their antural habitat.

Model: RanCorp Bio xeno-12 Organic Gill
Type: Organic Underwater Breather
Cost: 800
Availability: 1
Game notes: Allows any oxygen breather to breath oxygen from the
water as if it were air.
Com Link: Microphone and ear peices are held snugly in place by the Gill's
membrane. This comlink has access to thousands of public
Deep Sea Gogles: These gogles act like nightvision gogles enhancing the passive
phosphorecent light in the water.

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