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Czerka Arms 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle

Czerka Arms 6-2Aug2 hunting rifle
Mestic M-72 LAW Rocket Launcher

Mestic M-72 LAW Rocket Launcher

VerdanTech Shocklance

Commonly used by many slavers, riot police and beings whose job it is to control
other sentients, is sort of a juiced up version fo the stun baton. It is larger, at
4 and a half feet long, with a powerful cell built into it to deliver a stronger than
usualk sutn current through the conductive outter coating and into it's victims. It's
length not only allows more pwoer and larger energy life, but it keeps enemies at bay
holding them back to a safer distance  so they cannot brawl or use most melee weapons
themselves. This has become a popula mounted officer's weapon for crowd and riot control.

Model: Verdant Technologies LTT-9 Shocklance
Type: Stun Weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: Shcoklance
Cost: 750
Availability: 2, R
Difficulty: Easy
Damage: Str+3D(stun)
Notes: The user may also with his blow attempt to kncok his opponent down or back. The user gets
a +1D bonus to the opposed strength roll amde. If the user wins the target is knocke ddown in
addition to the stun charge or is knocked back 1 full emter in addition to the stun charge.
Powerpack Lasts for 5 hours.

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