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Power Gloves

The MerrSonn Elec Gloves are an electric current based power glove.
In the palm of the house under a covered case is a power cell capable
of dispersing 4 shots. Once activated the gloves can remain active
non stop for 6 hours, before the battery dies down. Once activated
if a succesful brawling attack is declared and a hit is succesful, the
gloves disperse a high voltage electric shot, causing a large flash of
light to expand outward from the glove creating a loud thunderous boom.
It also holds a second fire mode. The gloves can be used to shoot a small
condensed ball of electricity. A Thrown Weapons check must be rolled to
determine whether a hit or miss is to occur.

Model: MerrSonn Elec Gloves
Type:  Power Gloves
Skill: Brawling: MerrSonn Elec Gloves
Cost: 1,000
Availibility: 3 F or R
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: Strength+3d (max 7d)

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