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Disruptor "burst" rifle

Model: Deroth X3 disruptor rifle
Type: Anti-personnel weapon
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: disruptor
Ammo: 5
Cost: 3000 (power packs : 150)
Availability: 4, X
Fire Rate: 1/2 (three shot burst)
Range:  4-10/15/30
Damage: 11D (for the whole burst. )
Game Notes:
Because of the complex system involved if something goes wrong it can turn ugly
real fast. If a complication is rolled roll 1D if the roll is even the rifle jams.
if the roll is odd the rifle explodes dealing 4D damage to the user.

If a complication is rolled during the damage only one shot of the burts hits.
when this happens re-roll with damage only 4D

Because of he power released their is a considerable recoil. A player must make
a moderate strength check to keep from getting knocked off balance.

While this still has only 5 shots per power pack, a special inovation
has been made. using technology stolen from jawas the rifle splits a
blast into three. then each bolt is driven through an acutiator which powers the
blast up to nomal disruptor strength and producing a three shot burst. This entire
action takes only about 3 seconds thus making response to the trigger slow but it is
hardly noticeable. the first such rifle was used by the mercenary Elim Derroth who later sold the design
rights so he could retire.

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