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Assassin's Explosive Dart Shooter

Explosive dart shooters are a fairly uncommon but potent assassination weapon.
They can be disguised to look like anything, from macobinoculars, to a datapad, to
a camera. The only requirement is it msut have on dimension of 15 centimeters for
the dart launcher. The ammount of ammo it can hold depends on any extra space devoted
to it. Most of these weapons have no more than 6 shots as any more would make the object
very alrge and noticeable. The darts fire silently and without any flash. They move at
extremely high velocity and have a penetration force equal to the ammount of punch found
in a standard blaster pistol. The dart will keep going untill it can't penetrate any further,
in which case it will explode. This will optimaly occur deep within the target's vitals. The
explosion had more force thsaan even a normal grenade, but is highly localized. The dart thusly
leaves a small entry wound, and no exit wound. It is not hard for someone who is familair with the
explosive darts, to figure out what has hapopened when they see a victim of this weapon. The victim
will most likely spit up large quantaties of blood and will have a small area of their vitals
blown apart.

Model: Explosive Dart Shooter
Type: Concealed Dart Shooter
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons: Dart Shooter
Ammo: 1-6(varies for each unit)
Cost: 800
Availability: 3, X
Range: 5-15/25/30
Damage: 4D+1 penetration; 6D explosive
Game Notes: Penetration damage is done first to get through the target's skin and pentrate into
their vitals. Once it is inside, or if it fails to penetarte it explodes doing highly cocnentrated
6D explosive damage only affecting whoever it hit.

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