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Compact Body (Dex)
Trained Only

You were trained in the ways of bodily contortion.
Prerequisites: Endurance and Nimble Feats
Check: Compact Body allows characters to decrease their body bulk,
making it able to fit through orifices that it wouldn't ordinarily
be able to or take up less space. This may take an amount of time
ranging from one round to several hours. Compact Body check
determines how much contortion is taking place.

   Result      Size Decrease or Example Usage
  Up to 5       Removing hand from loose handcuffs.
   6 - 10        Transforming a long fingernail into a lockpick.
  11 - 15       Compacting body into a ball 2/3 original size of body, or one size.
  16 - 20       A fat person compacting his body fat in order to look under-nourished.
  21 - 25       Compacting body into a ball 1/3 original size, or two sizes.
  26 - 30       Transforming a normal-sized finger into a lockpick.
  31 - 35        Three Sizes smaller than usual (i.e, a medum creatue to diminutive size)

Check Critical Failure: If the character rolls a one on the d20, roll 1d6.
The Character takes damage equal to the number rolled times their Dex
Ability Modifier.

Special: Characters cannot use this skill on parts of the body that have
artificial armor or a good deal of clothing.

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