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Control Energy

Required powers: absorb disipate energy, control pain

        Control Difficulty:
        Intense Sun        8
        Solar Wind        14
        Fire                16
        Radiation Storm 18
        Blaster Bolts/Force Lightining 12
        Note: This power can be kept up.
Effect:  This was the second half of the absorb/dissipate energy force
power which was forgotten long ago. New developments have turned
it up. Upon a successful us of absorb dissipate energy a jedi may
use this power to direct the energy elsewhere or use it to add to
his own power. In game terms a jedi may use this to move the energy
elsewhere along lines it would be able to travel(example: Corran Horn
is being jabbed by a stun baton. he usses absorb/dissipate and sends
the current through the metal decikng. a bothan walking by has his fur
stand on end for a second) Or they may use it to power another force
skil. In this case a second controll roll is needed with the
difficulties mentioned above. If the user succeeds they get a bonus
to the next force power they use equal to the damage absorbed.
(example: Corran Horn is in the middle of an intense explosion and
uses absorb/dissipate energy to stop the fire's effects. Because it's
a powerful blast let's assume it does 4D damage. he sucessfuly controls
the fire's energy and uses it to send an image out to everyone in the
area of him walking from the flames. he gets to add 4D to his affect
mind roll sending all the energy into that force power)

Note: A charchter inflicting damage, or having another person inlfict
damage for him, upon himself for the purposes of using this pwoer to
drain energy receives a Dark side Point. any charchetr using this power
to enhance an offensive force power also recieves a dark Side point.

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