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Earth Alliance/Earthforce Crew Shuttle

Earth Alliance/Earthforce Crew Shuttle

M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)

M7/Caseless Submachine Gun (SMG)
Galactic Terran Alliance Zeus Class Bomber

Galactic Terran Alliance Zeus Class Bomber

Hellfire Incindiary Missiles

Arakyd's less popular missile for planetary bombing missions. Usually
carried aboard Imperial Scimitar assault bombers to be dropped in mass
quantities at a time. The missiles will drop down in free-fall for 2-3
seconds while it's guidance system afixes on the designated target and
then fires it's powerful thruster.

The warhead actually will imbed itself in the ground partly before
detonating. This way if it is dropped on a bunker it will try to get
through into the interior of the bunker for maximum effect. The missiles
blast is unparalelled in sheer force in terms of surface missiles. They
disentegrate everything in their blast radius with an overwhelming blast
of heat.

Model: Arakyd CM-650 HellFire Incindiary Missile
Type: Air-to-surface Incindiary warhead
Scale: Walker
Cost: 5,900 credits
Fire Control: 3D
Range: 340/1.2/2.4 km
Blast Radius: 45 meters
Damage: 4D (penetration); 7D(warhead)
Game Notes: Can be used in replacement of standard Concussion misiles.
            For every concussion missile the craft can carry it can carry
            3 Hellfires.

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