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       This craft fills the gap between the great bulk transports Elrood
  StarYards are famous for, and the multitudes of stock light freighters.  
  The medium freighter is the choice of the small business for their fleet's
  main cargo hauler, and is used by the larger companies to fill out their
  transport fleets.  Radel mining uses three of the A-II model, the most
  sucessful of Elrood StarYard's medium freighters.

       While not an outstanding ship in either performance or price, the
  A-II lives up to the Elrood StarYard's reputation for producing reliable

  Craft           : Elrood StarYards Ltd. A-II Medium Freighter
  Type            : Medium Freighter
  Length          : 80m
  Scale           : Capital
  Crew            : 5
  Passangers      : None
  Carrgo capacity : 15,000 tons
  Consumables     : 1 month
  Hyperdrive mod  : x2
  Hyper Backup    : x15
  Nav computer    : None (R2 Unit)
  Space           : 2
  Maneuverability : 0
  Hull            : 2D
  Shields         : 1D+1
  Sensors         : None
  Weapons         : None
  Cost            : 80,000 3,F

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