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Imperium of Man Rhino APC

Imperium of Man Rhino APC
Trade Federation modified B1 battle droid (Rocket Battle Droid)

Trade Federation modified B1 battle droid (Rocket Battle Droid)
Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. SX-21 Scatterblaster rifle

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Trade Federation AAT-W

The AAT-W is the water variant of the Armored Assault Tank used by the
Trade Federation. The differences are numerous, but the basic design
is the same. Instead of a large turret atop the vessel, the AAT-W has
a high-powered blaster cannon mounted in its nose.  It also has two
fragmentation torpedo launchers for heavy assaults - one forward, one

Other modifications from the basic AAT design include a sonar search
system, stronger hull, and the lack of a strong repulsorlift system.
In order to be taken back to base, the AAT-W lifts off of the surface
approximately 0.5 meters, then is picked up by a specialized landing
barge (type C-9877) which has a crane apparatus. The AAT-W also acts
as a relay system between the aqua droids and the droid control ship
- the drones are too small to carry high-power equipment such as that
needed to pierce through the water and atmosphere all the way to the
Droid Control Ship.

Craft: Baktoid Armor Workshop "Aqua Tank" Armored Assault Tank - Water
Class: Speeder [Ground/Submarine]
Size: Garguantuan (11.1 m long)
Passangers: 0
Cargo Capacity: 25 kg
Speed: 18 m
Max Velocity: 50 km/h
Cost: Not available for sale
Crew: 1 (Skilled +4)
Initiative: +0 (-4 size, +4 crew)
Maneuver: +0 (-4 size, +4 crew)
Defense: 16* (-4 size, +10 armor)
Shield Points: 0
Hull Points: 50 (DC 10)
*Provides full cover to crew.
  High-Powered Blaster Cannon
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +4 (-4 size, +2 crew, +6 fire controll)
    Damage: 5d8
    Range Increments: 20 m
  2 Fragmentation Torpedo Launchers
    Fire Arc: Front
    Attack Bonus: +0 (-4 size, +2 crew, +2 fire controll)
    Damage: 7d8/4d8
    Range Increments: 30 m (7 m)

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