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M6J Carbine

M6J Carbine

Coruscant police speeder

Coruscant police speeder
SoroSuub Corporation S-130 Shelter Airspeeder

SoroSuub Corporation S-130 Shelter Airspeeder

Repulsor Bunkers

These bunkers are metal and tough. They have a flat square base with a
staircase running up the center of each of the 4 sides into a hatch for
the dome portion of the bunker. There are small slots in each face of
the dome. At each wall there are four of these slots for men inside to
fire from. It gets fairly cramped with all 16 people in there.

The pilots are in the cockpit that is buried within the drive systems in
the square area. They rely on sensors for direction. These bunkers can
move forward over heavy tanks and provide cover or suppression fire or
even fall back.

Sometimes the repulsors are even used for evasion of targets such as
dangerous creatures that can't reach high enough to get the bunker with
its repulsors on.

Craft: RanCorp WEQ-9-13 Repulsor bunker
Type: Floating Fortress
Scale: speeder
Length: 12 meters
Skill: Repulsorlift operation: 9-13
Crew: 2
Crew Skill: Repulsorlift operation 4D+2
Passengers: 16 (two squads of troops)
Cargo Capacity: 1 metric ton
Cover: Full
Altitude Range: Ground-5 meters
Cost: 80,000
Maneuverability: 0D
Move: 70; 200 kmh
Body Strength: 6D

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