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Cylon Centurion

   Blaster 4D+2, Blaster Artillery 4D, Brawling Parry 4D, Dodge 3D+1, Grenade 3D+2, Melee Combat 4D+2, Melee Parry 4D, Missile Weapons 4D, Vehicle Blasters 4D.
   Intimidation 4D, Law Enforcement (Cylon Empire) 4D, Survival 3D, Tactics 3D.
   Archaic Starship Piloting 3D, Astrogation 3D, Beast Riding 3D+2, Capital Ship Gunnery 3D, Capital Ship Piloting 3D, Capital Ship Shields 3D, Communications 3D, Ground Vehicle Operations 3D, Hover Vehicle Operations 3D, Sensors 3D, Space Transports 3D, Starfighter Piloting 3D, Starfighter Piloting (Cylon Raider) 4D, Starship Gunnery 3D, Starship Shields 3D.
   Hide 2D+2, Search 3D+1, Sneak 2D+2,
   Brawling 4D+2, Climbing/Jumping 3D+1, Lifting 4D.
   Blaster Repair 2D+2, Capital Ship Repair 3D, Capital Ship Weapon Repair 3D, Computer Program/Repair 3D, Demolitions 4D, Droid Repair (Cylons) 3D, Security 3D, Starfighter Repair 3D.

Equipped With:
-Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)
-Audio Sensors, human range
-Body armor (+2D to resist Physical, Energy and Ballistic damage)
-Laser Rifle with Bayonet (5D damage for laser Rifle, Str+1D+1 on Bayonet)
-Sword (Str+2D+1 Damage)
-Central Eye (Acts as a multipurpose visual sensor system with normal human range, and may include Motion sensors and probably several other kinds for combat purposes).
-Vocabulator speech and sound system.

Move: 8
Size: 2 meters tall.

   The Centurion is the workhorse of the Cylon Empire. Acting as infantry, pilots, and even cavalry (as in "The Lost Warrior") the Centurion is as versatile as it is shiny. Used in any front-line encounter, Centurions are the only type of Cylon a Colonial Warrior is likely to ever directly encounter (Saga of a Star Wolrd).
   Centurions speak with a mechanical voice, typically responding to orders with the iconic phrase "By your command". Despite their name, they are the Cylons' lowest ranking soldiers, answerable to Command Centurions and the IL-series models.
   Centurions are constructed using highly advanced robotics, beyond the capabilities of the Colonials to understand easily. As part of a ruse Dr. Wilker attempts to reconstruct and reprogram a Centurion. The reprogrammed Centurion manages to move stiffly, but lacks the dexterity of a fully functional unit and destroys the controls of the Raider when it is instructed to fly (Baltar's Escape).
   Centurions are commonly armed with bayonet-equipped laser rifles, as well as swords for close combat and execution (Saga of a Star World).
   The inhabitants of Attila refer to Centurions as "tin cans" (The Young Lords).

-Red-Eye brutally enforces Lacerta's reign of terror on Equellus until he is destroyed by Apollo (The Lost Warrior).
-Centuri along with his commander Andromus survive a crash and head into New York City (The Night the Cylons Landed).
-Cy is rebuilt by Starbuck and (after some persuasion) befriends the Colonial pilot (The Return of Starbuck).

   Centurions are shown to be vulnerable to microwave radiation, and are slowly being outmoded by an android variant with human-like reflexes and agility ("The Night the Cylons Landed, Part I" & "Part II").
   Further, they are neither equipped with swords nor laser rifles, but with a laser pistol analogous to the Colonial's laser pistol ("The Night the Cylons Landed", "The Return of Starbuck").

-The original Centurion does find its way into the Re-imagined series canon, with similar features, known there as the Cylon Centurion Model 0005. A shell of this Centurion counterpart appears in the Miniseries in the Galactica Museum, along with other artifacts from the Cylon War.
-In "Razor", an operational Centurion is seen (with noticeably mechanical legs to show, cinematically, that these Cylons were mechanical and not merely "guys in suits") in a flashback to the Cylon War. In the same episode Kara Thrace shoots down a Cylon Raider (also based on the Original Series design), where its Centurion version appears again in the wreckage.

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