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Vorlon Empire Fighter

Vorlon Empire Fighter

Model: HAIM-95A medium-range maneuverability missile launcher pods
Type: high maneuverability missile launchers
Skill: Aircraft Gunnery/Mecha Gunnery; OR use Starship Gunnery
Scale: Starfighter HMMRMs (high-maneuverability medium range missiles)
-per launcher pod (2 missiles each per hardpoint): 8,000 U.N. Spacy credits
-per missile:  5,000 credits each
Fire Control:
-pilot attack roll: 2D
-drone attack skill: 4D
-drone dodge skill: 3D
Space Range: 1/3/15; max range of 30
Atmosphere Range: 50-100/300/1.5km, max range of 3km
Damage: 7D
Rate of Fire: Single missile per attack; OR volley fire (up to max payload)

Game Notes: These are the first high maneuverability missiles created and used with the first discoveries of OverTechnology.  While not much more powerful than ordnance already created by the human race, much more remained to be discovered and developed later on through OverTech research and development.  These were used near the end of the mayan island conflict to turn the tide of battle in the U.N. Spacy's favor by pilots Shin Kudo and Roy Focker.

   These missiles have a 2D fire control for the pilot when fired the first combat round.  if they miss their intended target, they can re-engage the target the next round with a skill of 4D, and continue doing so until they run out of fuel (maximum range of 30).  While later versions of high-maneuverability missiles would prove very able to dodge enemy attacks, these earlier versions are step in that direction, and have a dodge skill of 3D.

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