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Assan Bear Essentials Survival Kit
Model: Assan Aeroplane Company CSR
Type: Heavy Revolver
Skill: Firearms; Revolver
Ammo: 32
Cost: 1500 for the kit, ammo costs 2 per round, 5 per flare (gun not sold seperately)
Availability: 2, F, R or X
Range: 3-7/15/25 meters
Damage: 6d6+2
Notes: Cumulative +5 recoil per shot until the firer takes an action to recover

Description:  The Bear Essentials Survival Kit by the Assan Aeroplane Company is intended for use by pilots and others who might wind up crashing or otherwise lost in dangerous territory inhabited by hostile wildlife such as the bear, a large semibipedal carnivorous mammal found on some outer rim planets.

The kit includes the extremely powerful CSR (Compact Survival Revolver) which fires mammoth 12.7mm slug as well as flares, 10 slugs, 4 flares, a compass, a folding survival knife (str+1d), holster for knife and compass, two reflective survival blankets, a signalling mirror, a fire sparker, 4 packages of chemically pretreated and super dry tinder, signal whistle, cable saw, and the bright yellow (also available in bright orange or neon green) case.  The case is waterproof, sturdy (4d body), and floats.

A full color glossy book is included detailing attacks of the bear and how they were dealt with.  This is supposed to be inspirational, but whether or not this is the case is unknown.  The Bear Essentials Survival Kit sells reasonably well to its intended audience, but, due to the fact it is often sold as survival gear rather than a weapon, some unsavory elements buy it for the gun alone, making the potent weapon often seen in crimes.  This has led to extremely variable legality across the galaxy.

Comments made about this Article!

10/Jan/2014 19:31:58 Posted by : ibfhgh {}

I don't get it

10/Jan/2014 19:32:49 Posted by : {}

irl or gam

04/Jul/2014 00:53:27 Posted by : hjgnfbdbgesfbwddwwwdyfbjynftsfbggn {

This is awesome

15/Feb/2015 23:37:33 Posted by : Erik {}

Where can i buy this revolver package?

Best regards,

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