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Sienar Fleet Systems' Tempest-class Assault Gunboat
CRAFT: FAS-2R Tempest
MANUFACTURER: Sienar Fleet Systems
TYPE: Assault Gunboat
SCALE: Starfighter
CARGO: 500kg
ATMOSPHERE: 365; 1050km/h
MANEUVERABILITY: 2D (+1D in atmosphere)
HULL: 3D+1
    2 Laser Cannons (fire linked)
       Scale: Starfighter
       Fire Arc: Front
       Crew: 1 (pilot)
       Fire Control: 2D
       Space Range: 1-3/12/25
       Atmo Range: 100-300/1200/2500m
       Damage: 4D+2
    2 Heavy Ion Cannons (fire linked)
       Scale: Starfighter
       Fire Arc: Front
       Crew: 1 (pilot or gunner)
       Fire Control: 2D
       Space Range: 1-5/10/40
       Atmo Range: 100-500/1000/4000m
       Damage: 5D+2
    Double Laser Cannon
       Scale: Starfighter
       Fire Arc: Turret (can't fire forward)
       Crew: 1 (gunner)
       Fire Control: 3D
       Space Range: 1-3/12/25
       Atmo Range: 100-300/1200/2500m
       Damage: 4D
    2 Launch Tubes (single and dual fire mode)
       Fire Arc: Front
       Crew: 1 (pilot or gunner)
       Other stats depending on payload...
    12 Concussion Missiles
       Scale: Starfighter
       Fire Control: 4D
       Space Range: 1-3/10/20
       Atmo Range: 300-1000/5000/7500m
       Damage: 7D
    8 Proton Torpedoes
       Scale: Starfighter
       Fire Control: 2D
       Space Range: 1/3/7
       Atmo Range: 100-300/750/1500m
       Damage: 9D
    4 Heavy Rockets
       Scale: Capital Ship
       Fire Control: 2D
       Space Range: 1-2/5/50
       Atmo Range: 100-500/1000/2000
       Damage: 5D
Description: The Tempest is a new addition to the Imperial Navy. It's a sleek 2-man gunboat with a cockpit resembling the one in the Lambda-class shuttle, and long downward-bending wings. It's bow houses two linked laser cannons, two linked heavy ion cannons are located in the wingtips and both wings house a launch tube for missiles/torpedoes/rockets. There is also a double laser cannon turret in the cockpit section, facing backwards. The Tempest was already completed at the time of the Batlle of Endor, but it wasn't deployed to fleets until over a year had passed. It's purpose is to allow assault operations deep into enemy territories, without having to deploy capital ships. Also, Tempest gunships armed with heavy rockets are deployed to some capital ships to enhance their ability to fight enemy capital ships and battle stations, and to allow complicated tactics incorporating multiple attack waves from several directions etc. The Empire has already deployed several elite units into enemy territories, in order to harass supply traffic and strike at production facilities. These fleets usually consist of a small capital ship, several non-combat supply ships and a squadron of Tempest gunboats.

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