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Name: Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin   DOB: 20/1/1981 

Actor: Daniel Cudmore                       DOB: 20/1/1981

Character Type: Champion

Life Points: 77 / 121   Drama Points: 10

Attributes (20 + 2 from Drawbacks) = 22

Strength 6 / 11 (5 Levels Part of Half-Demon Quality)
Dexterity 4
Constitution 5 / 10 (5 Levels Part of Half-Demon Quality)
Intelligence 3
Perception 3 (1 Level Part of Artist Quality)
Willpower 3 (1 Level Part of Artist Quality)

Qualities (20 + 8 from Drawbacks) = 28

Artist (2)
Attractive +1 (1)
Half-Demon (29)
Hard to Kill 9 (9)
Natural Armor 15 (Part of Half-Demon Quality) (15)
Nerves of Steel (3)
Reduced Damage (All Damage Halved) (Part of Half-Demon Quality) (5)

Drawbacks (10) = 10

Adversary (Lots) (5)
Dual Shape (Part of Half-Demon Quality) (1)
Honorable (2)
Mental Problems (Reckless) (1)
Obligation (Total) (Hunt Demons) (Part of Half-Demon Quality) (3)
Secret (Various) (2)

Skills (30 + 6 from Drawbacks) = 36

Acrobatics: 4   

Knowledge: 3

Art: 4+1                  

Kung Fu: 4

Computers: 0   

Languages: 1

Crime: 0 

Mr. Fix-It: 0

Doctor: 1   

Notice: 3

Driving: 5

Occultism: 4

Getting Medieval: 4   

Science: 0

Gun Fu: 0

Sports: 0

Influence: 3

Wild Card: 0

Maneuvers       Bonus Base Damage    Notes

Catch Weapon



Ranged Defense Action




Defense Action




Resisted by Dodge

Jump Kick


18 / 33




12 / 22





Defense Action

Parry Ranged



Defense Action



10 / 20


Spin Kick


16 / 24




10 / 20


(Through the Heart)


10 / 20

x5 vs. vamps

Sweep Kick


6 / 10


Thrown Stake


8 / 18


(Through the Heart)


8 / 18

x5 vs. vamps


6 / 16

5 / 10

Bash; must Grapple first
Background on Colossus

            Colossus posses the ability to transform his body tissue into an organic, steel-like substance, resulting in superhuman strength and a high degree of imperviousness to injury and concussive impacts. In his organic steel form, even his eyes turn to steel; he is unaffected by temperature extremes and doesn't need to breathe.

            Colossus came from humble beginnings, growing up in Russia as a simple farm boy. His life changed forever when one day he saw his younger sister, Illyana, in danger of being run down by an unmanned tractor. He rushed to her, sweeping her up in his arms...but he was too late, he didn't have time to move out of the path of the machine. He willed his mutant powers to come forth, and the tractor practically disintegrated as it hit his armored, unmoving bulk. This was how Professor Xavier found him when he asked Colossus to join the X-Men. After a brief discussion with his parents, he set off to America to rescue the original X-Men from the living island of Krakoa, and to help make a difference in the world.

            Colossus was ever the idealist of the group, and though he was a powerhouse, he was the gentlest soul among the team. A talented artist, he sketched during much of his spare time. When Shadowcat joined the team, she fell for Colossus, and he for her, though not with the same depth of feeling. He shared many adventures with the X-Men over the years, one of the most remarkable involving his little sister, Illyana. When she came to visit Colossus, the X-Men were investigating a strange mystery. Illyana fell into a portal, and though Colossus only lost his grip upon her for scant seconds in this world, in the world Illyana had journeyed to, many years had passed. She emerged from the portal as a teenager, her mutant powers now manifested. It took some time for Colossus to come to terms with this, as it did for Illyana, but she joined the New Mutants with his blessing. Time passed, and Colossus was transported to another world during the Secret Wars, a plot of the Beyonder. While there, he fell in love, or so he thought, with an alien woman named Zsaji. Though they could not even speak to each other in a common language, when she gave her life to save his, dying in his arms, he felt as though he had lost everything. He returned to earth and ended his relationship, such as it was, with Shadowcat.

            A major turning point came for Colossus during the Mutant Massacre. The injured and dying Morlocks all about him, Colossus felt his anger burn within him as he rarely had. When Shadowcat was severely injured during the battle, he lost his temper completely, killing the Marauder known as Riptide. Ever the gentlest of souls, he had been moved to take another's life. He, himself, severely injured during the battle and unable to return to human form for fear of dying, found himself healed by Magneto. When he awoke, whole again, he found himself paralyzed. He recovered quickly from being paralyzed, though it took longer for him to regain enough control to switch back to human form with ease. The next big change occurred when Psylocke convinced the X-Men into entering the Siege Perilous; a device which weighs the good and bad within your soul and then spits you out where you can do the most good, with a chance to build a new life. Colossus emerged from the Siege Perilous as Peter Nicholas and began life again as an artist, with no memories of ever having been an X-Man. He met up with Callisto, former leader of the Morlocks, who had herself been changed by the Morlock, Mask. He had given her beauty where once was a twisted visage. Peter and Cal fell in love, and life was bliss for a time.

            Then the Shadow King came and claimed him, twisting his mind and bending him to his will. It was only through Professor Xavier's intervention that Colossus was turned back toward the side of good. The Professor reached deep within his mind and released all of the memories the Siege Perilous had repressed. Though he lost his ideal life, Colossus returned to the X-Men with a vengeance. Then came one tragedy after another. His younger sister, returned to her childhood with a second chance at life, died at age seven of the Legacy Virus. His parents were killed by the KGB in Russia, and rediscovered his long thought dead older brother, Mikhail. He had barely even begun to recreate the bond with his only remaining family member when Mikhail succumbed to his insanity and committed suicide, taking most of the remaining Morlocks with him. The final straw came when Professor Xavier was forced to mentally lobotomize Magneto after he nearly killed Wolverine. Believing that the Professor was betraying the very dream he had created, Colossus' anger finally overwhelmed him, the betrayals and tragedies of the years overwhelming him. He gathered up Magneto's still living body and returned to Asteroid M with him, ready to care for the mutant villain and even serve him should he ever awake again.

            Colossus remained with the Acolytes on Asteroid M until it was destroyed. Giving up his vigil to Magneto with the disappearance of the villain's body, he surprisingly did not return to the X-Men. Just recently, he has been reunited with his former teammates Nightcrawler and Shadowcat and joined the Britain based team, Excalibur. He stayed with them until their disbandment, at which point he rejoined the X-Men with Shadowcat and Nightcrawler. Though his heart can never be the same, he is still much the noble and good soul he ever was; a true hero.

Quote: “I can help you.”

Roleplaying Colossus

Colossus is a quiet stalwart hero. He is intensely loyal to his friends and teammates and a relentless foe of anyone who would harm them. His Russian heritage is a source of great pride for him and he occasionally feels guilty over having left the Soviet Union. However, he feels that he is needed in the X-Men and as a protector for his sister.


X-Men ?2003 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
X-Men trademarks are used without express permission from Fox.
X-Men and characters ? 2003 Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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