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Craft: Commerce Guild Heavy Assault Droid
Type: Battle Droid
Scale: Speeder
Length: 2.3 Meters
Skill: Ground Vehicles 5D, Vehicle Blasters 7D, Missile Weapons 6D
Crew: N/A
Cargo Capacity: 0kg
Cost: 26,000 (used)
Cover: N/A
Maneuverability: 1D
Move: 10, 30 kmh (globe drive system 60, 180kmh)
Body Strength: 6D
            Quad Medium Laser Cannons
                        Fire Arc: Front
                        Scale: Speeder
                        Skill: Vehicle Blasters
                        Fire Control: 2D
                        Range: 50-300/500/1km
                        Damage: 6D+2

Description: The Heavy Assault Droid is an offshoot of the Dwarf Spider Droid design. With a quad laser cannon turret slung below its body, it had impressive firepower, as well as heavier armour. The real revolution in this design was the electromagentically rotated globe at the end of each leg, switching from walking to using these as a drive system, the droid could accelerate itself on smooth surfaces to extremely high speeds without sacrificing its all terrain capabilities when it returned to walking. These droids were introduced late in the Clone Wars, and were soon deactivated by Anakin Skywalker after he assassinated the ruling body of the Confederacy.

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