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Holographic Image Disguiser
Model: Corellidyne CQ-4.3x
Type: Holgraphic image disguiser
Cost: 35,000
Availability: 4
Game Notes: This small unit can be worn on a belt and projects an holographic image
over an existing real world object or living creature. The image projected had to be at least
the same size as the wearer, but is highly detailed and moved with the object or person
covered, Its memory capacity can store five holographic image and it can operate for 4
hours before recharging, though it’s possible to hook it up to a larger power supply. The
holo-projection is almost perfect and even moves as the item or person shrouded moves.
It takes a Difficult search roll to detect a fake, though sensors, cameras and droids get a
+2D bonus to detect it.

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